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"Rocket in My Pocket"  
(Been on a 200Mph Rocket Sled Lately?)   This is about the world of Radd Sportbikers...Modern Nitros Oxide Samauri who live and ride in a world where nothing exists except the euphoria of the worm holes they create with their Zen Throttle-ups, and the likewise Morphed code of Bushido they observe. This song was created within 12 hours of returning from "Biketoberfest" in Datona Florida, when the feelings of exileration and spirituality were still fresh. Bike sounds were taken from our own bikes (from a Hi-Fi Video soundtrack) and put in the sampler so that the sounds could by "Played" at diferant octives like an instrument....and instruments they are indeed. Yamaha YZF 750-R, Kawasaki ZX-900-R,and Suzuki GSXR-1300-Hybrusa. Headphones or Bose, Just slip away between the speakers and ride with us.....It's a trip you will never forget.....(^>))

All songs created by the American Jamm Method. First time improvisational experiences are quickly transformed into a journey for the listener to experience with as close to the realism,energy,and spontinaity as the origonal experience itself. Created by Vince Forgione in 1999, OXOjamm has an open door Jamm policy. If you want to Jamm, Our studio door is always open. Original Jamms only. No cover songs allowed.(Not even our own...(^>)
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Vince Forgione,"Flash 22" Producer/Director/Jamm_Master.(Any instrument that ain't nailed down or broken.)
Reno Reigns, (Backup-Drums/Additional Percussion).
Ryan Reoso, (Tribal/Latin Perc).
Luis Lupez,"DJ Saskai" (Perc,Synth,Backbeat).
Brandon"HeartBurn"Phaylor, (Effects Generator, Synth,Sampling).
Jarret Camhi, (First Trombone).
Leggs Lassater (Vocals/Bass)
Herb"True Hacker"Marshal, (Keyboard,Webmaster).
Masters Johnson, (Smokin Sax, Jamm Master Pro-Temp).
Video By StormMan-Matt Kelly
"Wheelie" featuring Ray Kelly, Of "Ray's Rocket MenZ".
Don't even ask who the Girl is....(^>)
Wendy says, "You have to go to our Sport-bike Night if you wanna Jamm..."

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OOOOHHH, Vince Diddy........

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Let's Not forget the Sport-Bike Stuff.....Rocket-Sled, That is........

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All the stuff, Copyright 1999-present,Vince Forgione,OXOjamm,all rights reserved.
Radd Racer Video,Matt Kelly, Ray Kelly, and Me.
Video Below, Copyright Matt Kelly, 1999, all rights reserved.

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