This Is OXOjamm!!!!!

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OXOjamm Sportbike Night @ the Hooters Palm Harbor
It's all work and No play, this Sport-Bike world of Ours...

That's Right,Brother Rad Sport-Bikers...
We got our own Gig Now......No more takin the back lot....we have our own Contests, Drawings and Trophies...(and our Babes are better looking too). OXOjamm and  R&B Motorcycles of Tarpon Springs Have found a nice home for the chosen throttle up that Rice Burnin Rocket Sled and meet us there every Tuesday starting at around 7:30 pm and try for a trophy! Catagories are:
Best Exotic Sportbike
Best Late Model Sportbkke
Best Street-Drag Sportbike
Best Custom Sportbike
Best Rat Bike (Composite)
and "Prettyiest" Sportbike, (Judged by the Hooters Girls)
Just North of Alderman Road on US 19 on the right.

Busty Babes...Big Ass Trophy...What more could you want?OK,OK..Dont say it...I know...(^>)
Oh Yeah.......(^>)

Our First Contest winner for the "Prettyiest Sportbike" Went to Troy Baumgartner
With his very clean Suzuki GSXR 750, which sported:
Blue neon and flashing led display
The Girls were really into his setup and he nearly needed to be rescued from the sea of Babedom.(See Photo)........(^>)

Shown in front of our Home, Members of the Pasco Outlaws , The Fastest-Safest -Nightriders around.

The Pasco Outlaws are serious about two things: Lean-Angle and Safety. They do a head-count after every stage of the Nightride.....Outlaws, We salute you! Keep it up!!!

Why Do The Babes Keep Asking That Same Question???

Click on any Picture to get the Baddest Sport-Bike (and otherwise) Music on the Net! (Yeah Bro...and it's FREE!!!)

Want your Bike to be here?
  Let me know @ the next Meet.....(and start polishing).....(^>)
Guess she never heard of the Pasco Outlaws....
Sally say's, You're not going anywhere without me!
I agree........(^>)