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The Weapons of Jin-Roh as German Icons.

Here we have an actual WW-2 German Helmet (L) as worn by the Afrika Corps under the command of General Erwin Rommel and an authentic Poster  of a German Soldier (R).
One needs only to Photoshop red Eyes into this in order to advance the impression.Below that we Have an actual Jin-Roh Poster showing a member of the Wolf Brigade in full battle gear.





 Below we have an example of the Machine Gun Model 1942, (MG-42) as issued to Soldiers serving as squad automatic rifleman or machine-gunners. This could be either an individual or crew served weapon. Please pay special attention to the photo on the left which shows the receiver cover up, ready to accept a belt of ammunition and the cocking handle. There are close ups of this in the movie. Here both examples have the folding Bi-Pod legs in the down position but in the movie we see it only folded back along the bottom of the barrel in the "Assault" position.



Below we have an actual photograph of a German Soldier who is armed with the MG-34, which preceeded  the Mg-42 (R) and is wearing a Russian Gas mask.(L).Even if one is devoid of imagination it is not hard to see the resembelance of the actual German Soldier and His equipment and the Special Unit Commando.(Below)



Below are action figures marketed by Bandi showing  An individual Squad member in the Attack Position...Notice that although subdued the gas mask can be easily identified as a Russian type with breathing tube. This is noteworthy because the Russian Type gas mask has it's own sinister iconic Europeans it is a symbol of Sado-Masocism.


And here  a Squad of the "Special Unit" of the Wolf Brigade Standing way too close together for Combat. (but it makes a good recruiting poster.)


Here we have shown the basic iconic nature of the Wolf Brigade figure and the WW-2 German Soldier. It is important to cover this because some people are not familiar with the arms and equipment of the German army during the 2nd WW. How these Icons effect Europeans and some Americans is well known to themselves but not well known outside of their folkish circles. Just as it is with Japanese and Asian Icons to Westerners.
The Japanese sees a "Werewolf" as just another Man-creature...they are mystified, perhaps amused but hardly frightened for this means something quite common to them. Likewise Westerners are awed by a Monster that squashes Tokyo...but not really frightened. However...the prospect of a Monster that can come un expectantly from the sea and crush an entire village without warning strikes fear into the Japanese  heart...for this legend was born of typhoons..which are very real...and likewise the Perfectly sane man who at the zenith of the lunar cycle could turn into a Psychopathic Killer... who tears people apart like an "animal"....makes us Westerners lock our doors tight...for we know that it is not just a legend, but even perhaps our dear Townsmen. The Japanese see all men as a psychopathic killers in remission and accept this as a normal part of human nature and do not fear it, but are conditioned by their culture to accept it and deal with it as it comes. Since Jin-Roh takes place after decades of Nazi occupation, the Japanese IN IT react to icons of western influence with tainted aplomb, NOT AS THEY ACTUALLY WOULD TODAY, nor as the AUDIENCE would.

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This concludes Part One of Jin-Roh Weapons.As you can see the Wolf Brigade is Modeled closely on the personna of the WW-2 German Soldier. Next we will focus on individual armaments.

Enter Jin-Roh Individual Armaments