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OICW Configuation For SOF-2 (Also known as AIMBOT)

THis INFORMATION is PROVIDED so that OUR COMMANDOS will HAVE a FULL UNDERSTANDING of HOW the ENEMY OPERATES. In THe Military we called this, "KNOW YOUR ENEMY". Study these Materials and learn the limitations of these new weapons. I have Soundly Beaten users of these with old fashioned skill. You will too once you fully understand what it is and how it works. REMEMBER, If you are caught useing it on our server or on a server that does not allow it, you will be given a DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE from the XoR Commandos!
True Warriors adapt to the new Battleground and overcome with the aid of High Technology.
Was the first man to use a rock as a weapon "Cheating". You wouldent be here now if he had put the stone down.
However, if there is a server who dosent allow it and isnt just saying that so they can use one of their own to get an unfair advantage...Let them Have their world. But if they are useing one of their own or some other device  then REPORT THIS TO ME!


SOF2 OICW (aimbot ) v1.05 by Taurine



Place sofbot.exe in any folder you want, EXCEPT the SOF2 folder. PunkBuster now has a pretty intrusive feature which allows server admins to check the contents of your SOF2 folder, so be sure not to put anything there. The first time you run sofbot.exe it will ask you for the location of your sof2mp.exe and it will then start the game for you. Please note that for the bot to work you absolutely must have the latest version of SOF2 (v1.03).


To change the aimbot's cvars you use the "set" command. Normal cvars have the syntax "set <cvar name> <new value>". The special cvars take more arguments.
Here is an example of a set script as you would type it into the bring down the console in the game, press the ~ button on the upper left hand corner of the keyboard.
Then type like this hitting ENTER at the end of each line:
Set aim 1
Set Fire 1
Set norecoil 1
Set Burst 300 100
Set aimvec 1 0 0
Set aimvec2 5 0 1045
Set Predict 0.010
Set Fov 020
This should get you up and running!
Remember to type it as above with spaces in between as it is shown. If you want to use thermals, (Wallhack) use the settings below following the same formula.
Remember that many servers dont want this and should only be used in those servers if it turns out that their full of Crap. Observe and if they are saying one thing and doing another than switch on and let the Lamers die Fools!
You can be kicked from servers for any reason, (Except ours...we kick no-one), they can kick you for just being too damn good. It has happened to us many many times before we ever used these. Some people have to be the big Tamale and dont want anyone in their server who is better than them.

When you have the ESP or radar enabled, the enemy players will be drawn in red color and your teammates will be green. Also note that the time used in the burstfire configuration are given in milliseconds.

Normal cvars

bothelp: prints a help screen to the console
quiet: 1 = disable all bot console messages, 0 = quiet mode off. default value is 0.
predict: how much the bot will try to predict the movements of it's target. default value is 0.
fov: the aimbot's field of view, in degrees. default is 0, which means fov checking is disabled.
teamcheck: this cvar affects autoaiming and esp. it's used to tell te bot who it should consider to be it's enemies. 2 = opposing team, 1 = same team, 0 = everyone. this has no effect in deathmatch. default value is 2.
fire: 1 = autofire on, 0 = autofire off. default value is 1.
esp: tells the bot what info it should draw on screen about other players. 3 = names and weapons, 2 = weapons, 1 = names, 0 = ESP off. default value is 0.
aim: 1 = autoaiming on, 0 = autoaiming off. default value is 0.
wallhack: 1 = wallhack on, 0 = wallhack off. default value is 0.
noflash: 1 = disable flashbangs, 0 = flashbangs on. default value is 1.
norecoil: 1 = anti-recoil enabled, 0 = anti-recoil disabled. default value is 1.
radar: 1 = show radar, 0 = radar disabled. default value is 0.
thirdp: 1 = third person mode on, 0 = third person mode off. default value is 0.

Special cvars

burst: takes two arguments: the time to keep firing and the time to wait before the next burst. note that the times are in milliseconds! example: set burst 300 800. default values are 0 and 0.
aimvec: takes three arguments: x, y and z axis. they are used to adjust the aiming coordinates. default values are 5, 0 and 35 , which are the coordinates to the player's head.
aimvec2: exactly the same as aimvec, but this vector will be used when the target is crouching. default values are 0, 0 and 10.
radarcfg: this command is used to configure the radar. it has five options:
radius: size of the radar. default is 150.
range: maximum distance of the targets that will be shown on radar. default is 4000.
alpha: radar transparency. default is 0.6. (1 is completely opaque and 0 is completely transparent)
asize: size of the player markers on radar. default is 12.
for example, if you wish to make the radar larger, you type "\set radarcfg radius 200" and so on...
thirdpcfg: this command changes the third person mode settings. it has four options:
range: specifies how far the camera is from your player. default range is 80.
yaw: adjusts the horizontal angle of the camera. valid values are from -180 to 180, default is 0
pitch: adjusts the vertical angle of the camera. valid values are from -90 to 90, default is 15.
offset: moves the camera to the left or to the right of the player. default value is 0.


The URL will point to his (Taurines official site,(This site is currently down so use this to download : so please use that address in your bookmarks. He can be reached via e-mail at or you can post in His forum when its running again . Please post all help requests in the forum. (Or e-mail Bad Lt. For an update if you are stuck.)


Some people Taurine wished  to thank, in no particular order...

noskill, for writing the excellent loader i used in a previous version
UNI and Game-Deception, for hosting my site and providing me with a nice forum
Vasily Pupkin, for the original idea on how to hook the quake 3 engine


- v1.04 introduced a bug that caused thirdperson mode to not function properly - fixed
- fixed a crash during initialization

- few very minor bugfixes...

- the bot no longer has to be in the sof2 directory

- attempting to get the bot working on Win9x based systems
- switched back to my very first loader

- fixed a problem with the set command that caused a crash

v1.0 final:
- changed the control command to "set"
- added third person mode
- added quiet mode
- completely new loading system

- added a radar
- fixed a few minor bugs
- switched to the OGC loader, made by noskill

- added a new cvar, norecoil, for toggling the recoil compensation on and off
- possibly fixed the bug that caused mosue sensitivity to drop to 0
- the FOV cvar now works properly!

- added a second aiming vector, which will be used when the target is crouching.
- fixed a bug that caused setc to not be registered as a valid command.

A short list of bug fixes in beta2:
- the wallhack now works properly, and doesn't go into some weird 3rd person mode type of thing.
- the teamchecking now works properly, and the bot won't shoot at your teammates.
- the bot should also not aim at ghosts, and there shouldn't be names of dead players floating around anymore.

Primatus Vigorus

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