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We need to understand from the start that Jin-Roh is no ordinary Film. The Players are deep and full of Quarks. Things they say match up and then do not match up. We need to mark carefully what they say. We must not let tears alone convince us. There is much to be said for silence. The inscrutable manor of the Asian is here and there...but their inflections of tone and subliminal communications tell the tale. If you are looking for a "Cartoon" that will spell it out for you, this is not the film for you. You must look deep into each player, each mechanism and into your self to find the answers.
Here we have the Principal Players:

Kazuki Fuse:
A Commando in the Wolf Brigade. He is coming to terms with his own sense of humanity. He is in love with the enemy, a Girl who he knows he cannot have a life with, yet he is in a constant state of flux, wondering whether or not he is play acting or actually in Love. The ending hopes to answer this...but does it? He so closely resembles people that we all know that it is uncanny. His true abilities have been both misjudged and marked well. His depression is evidenced by an untied shoelace...something a Commando would never knowingly allow.


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Kei Amemiya:

Fuse's Love interest. We are told that she is the older sister of the girl that Blew herself up under the threat of Fuse's Gun, But is she, really? Who and what this Girl really is becomes a focal point in the film.

Fuse believes he is in love with her. We believe she is in Love with Fuse, But is she? She repeats the Story of Red Riding Hood, (The Name given to young Female  couriers of armaments and which we see several times as  a book written in German) and cries such tears of anguish that only the most cold blooded cannot be moved....

There are those who are Moved indeed and those who are not moved at all.But who is cold Blooded in this film? These are Japanese who have been under NAZI occupation for decades. If anyone could be the masters of hiding their emotions, it would be them. Just to survive in normal Japanese society one must already be an accomplished actor. Imagine that same society under the Boot of Nazi Germany. Perhaps that is the clue to deciphering this film and the code breaker necessary to unmasking the Wolf Brigade.  



Nanami Agawa:

The Girl Who Blew herself up rather than surrender. Her Courage is peerless. In the dankness of the subterranean world below Tokyo, Fuse actually falls in love with her first...Just a nano second before she finds the strength to overcome her quivering muscles and pull the cord. Could it be that he falls in love with her courage? She is obliterated in a red mist. One would expect that if her Sister came upon the scene of her demise that she would have a complete breakdown.....this would be normal, Yes?

Fuse is shaken to his emotional foundations. He Could Have shot her...but could not bring himself to do it. This becomes another focal point in the film...His metal must be tested by his superiors.


Atsushi Henmi:
A long time friend of Fuse, he is in control of a phantom organization. He pretends to be a wimp, a paper pusher...but is in fact a first class Agent. He Gives clues to us here and there...His acting is deliberately flawed...he leads others in the direction he wants them to go by being convincing here....unconvincing there...a perfect lie told imperfect one left lying. He is both player and pawn in the role of official against official, department against department. The War within a War.


Hachiroh Tohbe:
He had trained Both Fuse and His Long time Friend,Atsushi . He has concerns about both of them, he is Tough and has a very quiet motor running. Clever and apparently lacking ambition, he prefers something else to advancement....(?) It is he who puts the Gun in fuse's hand at the end. Watch him carefully...his supposed lack of emotion has much to say to us.


Hajime Handa:
A man to be reckoned with, he is the direct supervisor of Fuse's superiors. This man is a mastermind and has been in the game all through the war and occupation by Germany. It pays handsome dividends for us to mark his words well. His skill in Counterintelligence is not to be matched. Compared to this Man, the Devil in an Amateur.


This Finishes the Section On the Players. Now we will move forward to the De-ciphering of the Movie itself.
Under Development: Please Be Patient.

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